How to Get Pregnant With Twins

How to get pregnant with twins

Getting pregnant with twins is an exciting idea. Some couples get in default whereas some couples desire the birth of twins. Nowadays, people move with a thought of producing two kids at go to reduce the pain as well as the cost of maternity and hospital. Though there are different schools of thought some believed that they could add to the burden cost for not so rich parents. Here are a few tips on How to get pregnant with twins. These tips are not guaranteed, but they may increase your chances of getting twins.

How to get pregnant with twins

Twin partner

If you are a single person aiming to get twins, it should be in your checklist to make sure that your partner is either a twin himself or should have a family history of twins from either side if the families convened. Having it in the genes increases the probability of having twins. It is also believed that it alternates between generations. So, make sure to find these prerequisites before choosing on a partner if you are hell-bent on getting twin babies. This is one crucial factor affecting your potential to get twins.


It’s believedtjatthe health of the mother is a crucial factor affecting the conceiving of twins. If the woman is plump and healthy, she has higher chances of getting twins. This is nature’s way to believe that heal healthier other higher the chances of her being able to sustain the child.

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Older age

It is believed that older the woman higher the chances of her conceiving twins. This is because higher age and closer the women to her menopause higher are the chances of her getting multiple eggs fertilized as the ovaries tend to release more eggs increasing the chances of a multiple egg fertilized. Thus, age could also work as a factor to get twins.

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Reproductive technology is on a rise and more and more couples are opting for them to realize children. These reproductive technologies coupled with old age of the mother doubly increase the chances of conceiving twins. The in vitro fertilization technique has the highest chances of getting twins for the couple. Even the use of hormonal injections increases the chances of more than one egg being fertilized. Thus, these technologies not only make a couple get a child, but it could lead to a twin as well.

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These are some ways in which you can try getting twins. But, there is no guarantee to any of the factors mentioned above. There is no sure hat method to get twins. The story remains simple now is purely based on your luck. These factors could just increase your chances. However, it should be cautioned that any decision regarding this should be taken to keep your body and health in mind. You should always consult your doctor before taking any decision as these could run the way your bodies function and also affect the potential of your getting babies, whether twins or otherwise. Do consult a gynaecologist.

If you have any query just comment below we suggest some tips for your long lasting happy life.