Hrithik Roshan Gym Workout and Diet Secrets

Hrithik Roshan Gym Workout and Diet Secrets

For all your gym freaks looking out for a a body perfect should take a look at Hrithik Roshan Gym Workout And Diet Secrets that make him what he is today and more importantly make him look the way he looks today. Getting a body like the Bollywood hottie is no easy cake walk.

It is a tough combination of regular gym work outs and healthy but brilliant diet secrets that get the women weak in their knees with a mere look at him. Married to a pretty lady like Suzanne khan and having two even more beautiful twins does not weary him from working out and reaching his goal to make his body stringer and looks more terrific. Here are a few much sought after secret Hrithik Roshan Gym Workout and Diet Secrets. Take a look and begin soon.

Basic combination mantra

Hrithik Roshan drives on the basic principles of a good exercise coupled with a strongly controlled but balanced diet. He believes that not one of them alone can do the trick for you. He goes on to saying that cardio is amidst as a daily part of exercise irrespective of which type f work outs you indulge in. A god balanced diet could be another key factor. For him both these factors work in tandem and so should be the case for you too.

Old school thought

The super star believes in the old school thought of cardio with a good run or walk. This is crucial for him and he aims to burn some 700kcals INS single run or walk me at to sweat out those calories taken in the week so far. He believes that this is the best way to turn that body into a wonder machine not just in terms of looks but in terms of basic functioning too.

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Eat sleep and pray

This man believes in simplicity of lifestyle to maintain healthy body and an extremely attractive physique. A balanced diet, low on alcohol, a good nights sleep especially of your are trying to reduce wight and some good prayer of positivity and a good state of mind are his daily goal. Remaining hydrated is a significant game changer.


However looking at the human side of things he does believe that there may be days when one may not feel like gumming but e suggests you should decide to gym or of to gum only after you reah the gym. This will lessen the chances of you quitting to guys for a particular day. Try mainainign the routine as much as possible. Regular investment will reap better returns.

Thus Hrithik Roshan Gym Workout and Diet Secrets are simple and easy to follow. You do not have to be a celebrity to take charge of your life and get a body so desirable. All you need is motivation, consistency and a little enthusiasm to keep the routine going on. It ain’t that difficult to look like celerity right?

  • yes I am, but I hate Salman he doesnt know how to act at all! The only moievs I try not to miss r those for Shahid Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan & Hrithik Roshan, they’re the best in Bollywood but I do watch for Aamir, Amitabh, Kareena, Preity, Kajol, Arjun, Nil Mukesh, John Abraham and many others from time to time! Last thing i’ve watched in theatre was Badmaash Company! this weekend I saw Kites and & Jail! I hv 3 idiots, Kurbaan, Paathsala waiting to be watched

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